Quick Straight Teeth
Quick Straight Teeth

Private Treatment

As well as providing high standard NHS care to all our patients, we also offer private treatment at both Hebburn and Pelaw Dental Clinic.


Private charges differ slightly to NHS and your dentist will be able to provide you all the information you need to know at your assessment appointment.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment: 1 area £80, 2 areas £140, 3 areas £200
Dermal Fillers: £250 per 1ml syringe
Chemical Peel: £70

Dermaroller: £80


Routine Examinations

New patient assessment: £35.00

Re-call examination: £30.00

Emergency consultation: £30.00

X-rays: from £8.00

Scale and polish at examination: £12.00

Follow-up 20 minute scale and polish: £30.00
Scale & Polish with Hygiene Therapist: £45.00



Extractions: from £80.00

Complex/surgical extractions: from £120.00



Amalgam fillings: from £60.00

Glass ionomer fillings: from £60.00

Composite fillings:
Small (1 surface): £75
Medium (2 surfaces): £90
Large (3 or more surfaces): £100


Tooth Whitening

Initial Whitening: £250.00

Extra syringes of bleach: £20.00


Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy: from £150.00 (per root)


Crowns and Bridges 

Crowns: from £350.00

Veneers: from £350.00
Composite Veneers: from £100 per tooth

Bridges: from £350.00 per unit

 Inlay/Onlay: from £300.00
(Prices may vary on materials used)



Partial upper or lower acrylic denture: from £400.00

Complete upper or lower acrylic denture: £600.00

Complete set of acrylic dentures (upper and lower): £1000.00

Chrome cobalt partial/complete: from £600.00


The above charges are a guideline only and may change depending on the amount of treatment needed. Treatments not listed above can be discussed with your dentist.


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